Tree Surgery & Felling

For all types of Tree work, GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING is qualified and licensed in all aspects of chainsaw groundwork, tree felling and aerial rescue (tree reduction at height with chainsaw). We work carry out tree work in both domestic gardens and commercial premises.


Trees are constantly growing and require maintenance and management. In some cases due to decay, disease, excessive height or reasons of danger, trees may require removal or reduction, in accordance with environmental and local authority regulations.

Trees may be subject to a local council authority Tree Preservation Order (TPO) which will require an application for permitted removal, felling or reduction by a licensed tree surgeon (arborist). Dangerous trees may pose a safety hazard to public or property and require careful dismantling or reduction. Great North Landscaping can assist in all aspects of the application process with local authorities to obtain approval to carry out tree works.

We follow industry best practice, UK forestry and arboriculture legislation, and health and safety regulations and guidelines in all aspects of our arboriculture tree surgery works and commitment to environmental protection.

6 Principles of planning tree reduction, felling and removal:

  • Identification of tree(s) to be felled, removed or reduced
  • Check Tree Preservation Order (TPO) if applicable
  • Application for authority approval for tree work
  • Tree Felling or Reduction strategy
  • Preparation and safety management of the site for chainsaw tree work
  • Felling operation, Ground cutting and disposal

Tree felling works can often include the need for safety exclusion areas or temporary road closure. GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING will provide direct liaison with local authorities to make the necessary arrangements where this applies.

For all Garden Hedge trimming and Tree works, GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING will provide a free on-site consultation and quotation.

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