Garden Design

GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING garden design team can help you create the perfect garden using various garden styles and landscaping design tips. Our ethos for garden design follows 4 general pillars of landscaping design principles:

  • Create space
  • Create a feature point
  • Maintain privacy
  • Ease of maintenance

Our garden design team are expert in all types of garden and landscape design, outdoor groundworks and tree-work. We focus on creating outdoor living space and quality lifestyle features, designed to suit modern living, relaxation and family needs.

  • Patio, Paving, Decking and Driveway
  • Lawn, Borders, Flora, Fauna and Boundaries
  • Landscaped feature points, colour and depth
  • Sunlight and shaded areas, outdoor lighting and


Outdoor living space creates an extra room to any property. Whether small or large, all gardens have the potential to create an area for enjoyment, relaxation and lifestyle pleasure. Our garden design team can help you create space and garden feature points, which truly maximise the potential of a garden depending on size, shape and budget.


A patio or paved area, or decking space is an obvious garden feature point, that allows the outdoor living space to be enjoyed. By maximising sunlight and areas within the garden to enjoy outdoor meals, Bar-B-Q, or sitting areas that can be enjoyed by family and with friends. Lawned and grassed areas create space for play or simply relaxation. Larger gardens may have multiple feature points incorporated into the garden design, incorporating plants and trees, colour, depth, focal points, paths and landscaped borders, summer houses, outdoor cooking areas, ponds, pools or water features.


Privacy is a vital aspect of modern lifestyle seclusion. GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING garden designers factor privacy landscaping as an integral part of garden design, using various methods of height, depth and boundary features to create and maintain privacy.


At GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING, we understand the stresses and pressures of modern working lifestyles and the need for easy maintenance of your garden and landscapes. Weed avoidance, general upkeep and maintenance, and seasonal cleaning are significant factors in our garden design planning.


GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING recognise all investment in garden and property landscape has the potential to not only add value to lifestyle and efficient living, but can also add significant financial value and appeal to a property. For commercial properties, landscaping can assist with the design of premises boundaries for security and access control.