Patio, Paving and Driveways

A garden patio or block paving is excellent for creating space and a garden feature point for family relaxation and outdoor living, where a block paved driveway provides secure off-road parking for household vehicles.

GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING specialise in groundwork preparation and stone-works for all types of Patio, Block Paving and Driveways - to ensure a quality, long lasting level surface – designed to individual needs

Groundworks and preparation: Compacted, levelled and well-prepared ground base is the essential part of paving works to provide longevity, strength and integrity to all patio and block paved driveways.

GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING only use quality, hard wearing stones and paving blocks. We use modern methods and tools and follow the guidelines and principles of MARSHALLS and BRADSTONE stone suppliers - 2 of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality stone and paving blocks.

6 principles of Garden Patio & Driveway design:

  • Measure the area of coverage
  • Pre-clearance checks of sub-surface pipes, service lines and cables
  • Identify drainage requirements
  • Check building regulations and groundwork requirements
  • Select surface stone or block type, including edging restraints for borders or kerbs
  • Dig-out clearance, groundwork preparation, compaction and levelling

For all Garden Patio, Block Paving and Driveway requirements, GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING will provide a free on-site consultation and quotation. Please contact our landscape garden design team to book a consultation appointment:
0191 290 2974