Hedge & Tree Cutting

For all types of residential and commercial garden maintenance and boundary management, GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING carry out all aspects of hedge and tree cutting, height reduction, branch removal and seasonal cutting.

We use modern techniques and professional tools to ensure a clean, efficient and reliable service.

  • Seasonal management of boundary hedges and trees
  • Height reduction, trimming and pruning
  • Identification of decay and disease
  • Qualified and insured for working at height
  • Qualified and licensed in chainsaw groundwork
  • Environmental disposal of garden waste

In most cases, hedges and small to medium sized garden trees are not subject to any form of Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or reduction/removal restrictions. GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING will assist in all aspects of garden design, planning and seasonal maintenance, and will provide advice on UK legislation and any potential restrictions on high hedges and boundary management.


Boundary hedges and hedge maintenance is the responsibility of both adjoining neighbours. Ownership of responsibility can sometimes be confusing, and oversized high hedges can often be a cause for neighbourly dispute.

GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING can provide guidance on UK high hedge legislation which stipulates that boundary hedges over 2 metres in height can be subject to legislative restriction, and management to an acceptable height. The legislation also provides guidelines on ownership, property boundary lines and responsibility. The legislation is designed to avoid or settle disputes caused by overgrown hedge boundaries.

Hedge and tree trimming and height management is also important to effectively manage sunlight, views and privacy within your garden.

For all Garden Hedge and Tree works, GREAT NORTH LANDSCAPING will provide a free on-site consultation and quotation.

Please contact us to book a consultation appointment:

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